Grouvi CMS

The Community Management System built for mobile


Grouvi CMS is the first Community Management System (CMS) that's actually designed for mobile users.

Your Wordpress site may be great on desktop, where everything loads properly for your users...

On mobile?  ...Not so much! 


Grouvi CMS Makes It Easy To Manage Your Community On Mobile

Whether you want to launch a new social network or extend your existing Wordpress-powered community with an app that actually works, Grouvi CMS has all the features and functionality you need. 

Hey, we know mobile isn't just for users--with Grouvi CMS, you can control your app on-the-go and build your community with the features and functionality you actually need.

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We're proud to have a wide range of commercial and non-profit clients using Grouvi CMS to power their communitites.

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